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DOB: 4/29/80
Height: 5’9’’
Profession: Teacher
Education: GVSU, BA – Biology & French

Story: As the 4th of 6 kids, you can say that I come from a very family oriented home. Our family traveled and moved frequently, eventually settling in Michigan where I picked up the sport of volleyball, attended GVSU on a volleyball scholarship, and graduated college with a BA in Biology & French and teaching certification. It wasn’t until I moved to Sarasota, Florida to teach that I really started taking the sport of beach volleyball seriously. I soon began to fall in love with the outdoor sport on the beach in the sun and started training to play on the professional beach volleyball tour, the AVP. In 2007, I played on the AVP tour and finished the season ranked 20th on the tour as a team ranking. Ever since, I have dreamt of improving that ranking to top 10. Meanwhile, I make sure to enjoy the other parts of my life, which are my wonderful husband, Scott Harris, my cool pets, AJ (golden retriever) and Buster (cat), my family and friends, teaching, scuba diving, cooking, and improving my French. I look forward to many more years filled with these special people and hobbies in my life and thank God for every blessing he has put in my life.


20th ranked team on 2007 Tour (rookie year)
Two 13th place finishes in 2007

1st place individual ranking on 2008 tour
Team of the Week: 2008 MVP of Zephyrhills Series, Won both EEVB and Zephyrhills
National Championships 2008

2 time All-Conference 1st Team
2 time All-Region Team
Team Captain
2 time Best Defensive Player
3 time Academic All-American